how to forget her hands

bath your body every morning with clorox wipes —
do not forget a single millimeter,
her skin cells will hide in any
corner or crease of your flesh —

take a razor blade to your scalp
and shave away every strand of hair —
do not give her anything to hold on to,
to pull on to bend your head into submission —

stick and poke seven flowers on to your calf,
wipe away the blood with bleach and rubbing alcohol —
do not make them pretty, deface your body with them
so she will never want to touch it again —

change your face and address at least three times —
do not tell anyone
do not invite anyone to your home
do not give anyone a key
and always live alone —

write how to poems
of how to forget her,
of how to erase her
of how to excise her —
do not finish them
because she will never fully go away


First day of National Poetry Writing Month!

Today’s prompt: write poems that provide the reader with instructions on how to do something

The titles of poems I would have written you

I named every flower after you
Your name grows gardens in my ears
I bathed you with sweet basil
You wore a crown of hydrangea petals

Forget me not in the foxglove fields
I lined my bed with snowdrop blossoms and prayed today
Turmeric tea is forbidden in houses of mourning
I stopped writing poems about flowers

Day 3 of NaPoWriMo

Prompt: Today, we challenge you to try this out yourself by writing a list poem in which all the items are made-up names