you bloomed into bluebonnets

you unclench your hand 
and as each finger falls 
a petal blooms 
from the center of your palm 
and you become a flower, 
a bluebonnet cradled 
between your knuckles,
as you brush it across my face 
each petal whispers of soft moments
along my cheek 
and my eyes close,
becoming a part
of your garden 
blooming from your body

AT the queer karaoke bar

We say older queer couples

are “#goals,”

and watch them dance,

longing for a hand like that

in out own

And looks that gentle 

under harsh neon lights 

and for just a moment,

we think the future is possible 

and we go in the bathroom 

to check out our reflection in the mirror

because we can finally imagine 

crows feet, laugh lines,  and grey hairs at our temples

and not just a suicide in a closet

or a beating in a cornfield 

Lesbians in The South Can Only Love at Night

In the stickiness of the Texas summer,
I lick a bead of sweat
from your greasy, salty flesh,
as the thunder cracks beyond the horizon
I follow the path the sweat would have rolled
down your chest and abdomen,
reveling in the shiver of your skin
and the quaking of your limbs,
as the lightning flashes,
obscuring the moonlight,
in favor of, for a brief moment,
illuminating our bodies
dripping from the humidity,
melting into one another
before surrendering our images
back to the fading dusk.


Originally published Sept. 2016 in CNCPT / LSBN 

My Sunday Morning Plans

I’ve taken to reading Harry Potter fanfiction
and drinking beer from the gas station down the street
on Sunday mornings because
those are the days you sit in pews
and listen to pastors
and if I have to think about magic,
I’d rather practice my expelliarmus
than consider the resurrection of Jesus
because at least I can pretend
Sirius and Remus were gay for each other
since I can’t forget the time your pastor
quoted Leviticus while looking me in the eye


Day 8 of NaPoWriMo


Getting caught up on posting these from the weekend. The theme for this one was write about magic, but I went in an odd direction with the magic theme.