Questions for the Resume Workshop

Is owning a funeral dress something I should list on my resume?

As a recent college grad, I’m nervous about finding a job, and I can’t help but wonder what parts of my life are applicable skills that I should be listing on my LinkedIn.

It’s black and grey paisley with long sleeves and a high collar. I’ve only worn it a few times like my senior thesis presentation, my grandfather’s funeral, and my uncle’s funeral. It was originally meant to be just a presentation outfit, but when you’re a poor college student, sometimes things have to serve dual uses.

Can I put on my resume that I wrote my uncle’s eulogy?

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I watched ants consume a cricket on the floor of my apartment

they detached the back leg
from its joint,
pulling it out with
a pop.
they crawl away,
tugging at it as they go,
dragging the desecrated limb
from its corpse,
from its home.
they cheered,
antenna bobbing,
as they tore muscles
into smaller
and smaller chunks
until they each carried a piece
covered with saliva and bile
between their mandibles
to their queen

NaPoWriMo / GloPoWriMo Day 30

Denailing: the forcible extraction of my own fingernails

I’m pulling off my nails
with a pair of old pliers,
interrogating my mind
as to uncover why
I did not take out the trash
before I left for my uncle’s funeral
and let the pomegranates grow mold
on top of my fridge while I was gone.

I would throw away
the bloody fingernails if I could,
but I still haven’t taken out the trash
three days after coming back
so they’re sitting in the mold
that’s grown down the fridge
and now covers the floor.

Stages of Grief: Shock (Part 2)

There’s supposed to be stages of grief,
a formula I follow
that shows me
the yellow brick path
to getting over your death,
but I can’t figure out
at which sign
I was supposed to have turned
in order to  move on to the next step
because though I started bargaining yesterday,
I woke up this morning
back where at shock,
telling myself
that you’re still alive
and just hiding behind the couch,
playing games with me
just like we did
when I was a kid.


NaPoWriMo -April 10, 2016

What did you see before you died?

I laid on the bathroom floor,
the tile pressing against my cheek
and looked at the blackened mold
growing along the edge of the toilet,
and wondered
if this is what you saw before you died

and I closed my eyes
and watched the veins pulse
inside my eyelids
and wondered
if this is what you saw before you died

and I screamed
and wondered if this
is what you heard before you died.


NaPoWriMo- April 9, 2016