The Barn

Musty. Light streaming between the cracks in the wood catch dancing dust particles, illuminating them as if they were on stage. The hay is old and rotten. Bits of it still exist here and there but most has faded away. Termites have eaten away at the stable doors, carving patterns into them with their mandibles. The doors, though, are still latched shut from the outside, just like they were the last day he was here. Still latched as if it is waiting for him to return, keeping things safe until he comes back. It doesn’t know he isn’t, so it will just keep waiting and waiting full of musty stagnant air and rotting hay.



Vignette practice with my students


I’ve started growing a garden in my chest.
I pulled out my heart, lungs, and diaphragm
and replaced them with soil and fertilizer.
Now I lay outside in the sun for eight hours a day;
I’ve left my chest open for sunlight and watering,
but it doesn’t feel so empty now that my body is filled with roots

Showcase Spotlight #1: Emily Ramser

Check out my interview with Scott Thomas Outlar on my upcoming chapbook “UHaul: A Collection of Lesbian Love Poems” and my experience as a lesbian poet.


Emily Ramser Bio PhotoWelcome to the first ever Showcase Spotlight here at 17Numa! I’ve been planning to launch this feature for almost a year now, so it’s about time I finally put the pedal to the metal and got things rolling. I have plenty of big ideas for the weeks and months ahead, but as for right now, I couldn’t imagine starting off with a better guest. I first had the pleasure of meeting Emily Ramser last year while she was working as an editor at Visceral Uterus. We began talking after she published a recently accepted poem of mine there. The formatting at the site required her to completely type up my poem from scratch before posting it, so I knew straightaway that this was someone who truly cared about poetry and was willing to give her time, energy, and passion to the small press world. Ramser is set to release her…

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7 Reads We Recommend: PRIDE Month by Laurel Dowswell and Emily Ramser

Change Seven Magazine

Turning me Into a Bear by Laura Madeline Wiseman and Genevieve N. Williams in Lavender Review

Reading this piece reminded me of having someone whisper in my ear to tell me an intimate secret. The words are quiet and soft, each sound running into the next. I felt as if I was lying there in the body of the speaker, trying so desperately to make the “you” understand that I wasn’t confused.  Wiseman and Williams have a beautiful way with imagery that makes things come alive and settle in the pit of my stomach, so that they stay with me all day. ~Emily Ramser, Editorial Assistant

She, You and I by Elham Mansour, translated from Arabic by Elisabeth Jaquette in WORDS without BORDERS

This excerpt from Mansour’s I Am You (Ana Hiya Anti): A Novel on Lesbian Desire in the Middle East, the first lesbian novel in Arabic originally published in 2008, is…

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Let’s Talk Wi-Fi Poetry, Twitter, and Reddit: Your Lit News Round Up by Emily Ramser