Deliver to Your Eyes, Your House, Your Street, Your State, Your Country, Your Planet, Your Galaxy, Your Universe

Dear reader,

Your eyes are Bilbo’s hobbit hole
in the home of Bag End
located of Bagshot Row
in Hobbiton,
which is in the Shire,
which is in Middle Earth.

They are the wardrobe to Narnia,
the front doors to Hogwarts
and the brick wall that opens
to reveal Diagon Alley.

They are the Indigo Dragon
the is taking me to Avalon
and beyond.

Your eyes are both
the key and the door
to Mr. Carven’s garden
long after Mary has nursed
the crocuses, snowdrops,
and daffydowndillys
back to bloom.

They are Ponyboy’s home,
and Johnny’s memory,

and my memory
of the day I met you
in the DFW airport
located in Texas
in the United States,
which is on the planet Earth
which is in the sol system
which is in the Milky Way
which is in your universe

and Bilbo’s
and Harry’s
and Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy’s
and John, Charles, and Jack’s
and Mary’s
and Ponyboy’s
and my

Stages of Grief: Depression

How much longer till
will I remember
the way you said
as tune-der-bolt
or the way you
rubbed my back
when I was sick
as a child?

How many more weeks
will I remember the slope of your nose
or the way your wedding ring
was almost too small for your finger?

How many more months
will I be able to hear your laugh
in the back of my head?

How many more years
will I be allowed to
remember your name?

Stages of Grief: Shock (Part 2)

There’s supposed to be stages of grief,
a formula I follow
that shows me
the yellow brick path
to getting over your death,
but I can’t figure out
at which sign
I was supposed to have turned
in order to  move on to the next step
because though I started bargaining yesterday,
I woke up this morning
back where at shock,
telling myself
that you’re still alive
and just hiding behind the couch,
playing games with me
just like we did
when I was a kid.


NaPoWriMo -April 10, 2016

What did you see before you died?

I laid on the bathroom floor,
the tile pressing against my cheek
and looked at the blackened mold
growing along the edge of the toilet,
and wondered
if this is what you saw before you died

and I closed my eyes
and watched the veins pulse
inside my eyelids
and wondered
if this is what you saw before you died

and I screamed
and wondered if this
is what you heard before you died.


NaPoWriMo- April 9, 2016