i sat in the bath for hours tonight, looking at my legs, 
examining the rounded curves of my thighs, 
all scarred and stretch marked, 
tracing over the scratches 
from where the cat launched off my lap yesterday
and from where the mosquito bit me this morning, 
the skin is scabbed
but soft and full of memories 
i traced my knees with my damp fingers, 
drawing shapes with water droplets, 
stars and circles, all gentle things, 
sending beads of water cascading down my shins 
before sliding my hands down the backs of my calves, 
cupping the muscle there, wondering how far they would take me
if i were to leave the constraints of this tub, this home and instead
walk freely, naked through the fields to feel
the whispering touch of the leaves and grasses and flowers on my skin,
those parts of me i’m too afraid to let any person touch

NaPoWriMo Day 9!

The prompt was to write a concrete poem, but I got caught on writing about shapes rather than writing in a shape, whoops.

Spent so long working on my thesis this evening, I almost didn’t get this done today. Whoops! I turn in my full draft tomorrow to my department chair and defend next week. Wish me luck, y’all!

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