i’ve been wondering how
to ask you if you love me 
as we drift from kiss to kiss
with a dark recklessness
i keep examining your hands
when we touch with the lights off
memorizing the ridges of your fingertips 
and the scars on your palms
from the history of your life without me
while I wait for you to take mine,
and ask me to walk with you
but i forget you’re not
an arborist or a partner,
you’re just another person 
who doesn’t love me 

Day 8 of NaPoWriMo

Prompt: Use a line or two, or a phrase or even a word that stands out to you from a twitter poetry bot as the seed for your own poem.

I borrowed several lines and phrases from @ruefle_exe, which posts autogenerated text from Mary Ruefle’s poems.

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