to eat an entire box of blackberries in the front seat of my car
while listening to shitty indie songs and writing poetry
long after the sun has set and street lights flickered on

to do laundry on tuesday or even friday
and leave it unsorted and unfolded on the couch or floor

to wear red lipstick but not a bra
and to cover my shoulders with a cardigan
and my legs with loose fitting boyfriend jeans

to shower every other other day and never shave,
take two hour baths at ten pm or ten am

to sleep on both sides of the bed,
set twenty different alarms and
snooze each of them twenty-five times

to make spanish rice and cinnamon sugar cookies
while listening to podcasts without headphones

to turn up the volume on the television,
and fall asleep to dumb movies on the couch

to hang pictures on the walls,
to grow plants on the windowsill,
to take up space in my home,
to speak, to laugh, to make noise
of any kind at any time

to take back my car, my clothes, my apartment,
my body, and my poetry
and never let anyone take them away again

Day Seven of NaPoWriMo: Write a poem of gifts and joy

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