i found your jaw
in the dirt,
sun bleached, split, and shattered
broken like a twig
stepped on by a hiker
like myself, a human with
heavy shoes pressing their
footprints into ground and bone,
pulverizing everything below

i crawled along the path on hands and knees
until i began to bleed
searching for you
under rocks and roots

with each new bit of bone i found,
i tried to fit your broken parts together,
because i want to ask you
who you are

but it had been hours
and you were still not moving, not talking,
and everything was turning into dust
from grinding mismatched bones
against one another

so i filled my palms with you
and breathed you in   
to carry you until i can find your name 


Day 2 of NaPoWriMo 

Prompt: Memory and a poem that ends with a question 

This poem started out with a question at the end, but it somehow faded away by the final version 

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