novels and poetry anthologies rescued from the dusty shelves of used bookstores
and library sales and friends’ bookcases and the lobes deep inside my brain
brown taco bell bags in a red trash can and slowly rotting plantains in a hanging basket
half-finished watercolor paintings and half-written poems in old notebooks
two legs dotted with bruises the color of growing summer thunderstorms
mason jars from the dollar store filled with flax seeds and cocoa powder
all the lyrics of musicals and conversations with parents that can’t be forgotten
fruit flies and a bumble bee sting covered with tobacco on the bottom of a foot
photos of the brother that hasn’t been seen since february of freshman year
baseboards that need dusting and toenails that need trimming
harry potter socks dotted with holes and a kitchen alter filled with candles and paintings of birds
burgundy hair dye stains and scratches in the linoleum from when a couch was pushed across it
pieces of speckled obsidian and stolen bricks from college campuses
and a piece of rose quartz for clarity and dollar coins from the train station for good luck
cacti and succulents in terracotta pots in front of a window, a poem, a cloudy view
double jointed elbows and wrists that pop in the evening and a box of matches
an armchair covered in words and thighs covered in soft white stretch marks
cat toys with feathers and bells and the memories of soft lips upon walls and skin
agave nectar and saliva, avocado oil and B12 supplements,
miso soup and outdated and forgotten antibiotics
the sound of snorting laughter and shower water hitting tile and cat claws on tv screens
a face made of curves and pimples and blushes and high cheekbones and
a foundation made of doorways and straight lines
and skin stretched over bones and tissue and concrete and muscles and paint and poems

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