i planted Texas wildflowers

along the insides of my thighs
and soft skin of my stomach,
grown bluebonnets on my forearms
while Indian paintbrushes bloomed red
down my nose,
pink evening primroses sprawled
across my cheeks, brown eyed susans
flowered on the ends of my eyelashes,
soft blackfoot daisies blanketed my breasts
and tiny yellow tickseeds
sprouted between my toes

my body became a field,
covered in roots and blossoms,
and bathed in thunderstorms
and pollen until
it no longer resembled
limbs nor skin, forgetting
all thought and remembrance
of what was once my name
Day 14 of Na/GloPoWriMo

2 thoughts on “i planted Texas wildflowers

  1. You plant gardens of flowers in your poetry, on your body. I wonder which is your go-to? Which one do you think is most you?


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