I sip my beer –
singing to the radio,
my neighbor slams cabinets closed
as he puts away his dishes-
my picture frames rattle against the wall –
upstairs, she’s teaching herself guitar again,
taunt strings screeching two chords over and over –
the cat paws at the window, his claws
dragging down the glass –
someone screams on the TV –
across the courtyard, a woman hanging up
damp towels on the railing shouts at her son in Mandarin
as he jumps on the stairs –
the car alarm in the parking lot begins again –
my phone buzzes with another notification –
I sip my beer again.

Day 10 of Na/GloPoWrimo

Prompt: Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem of simultaneity – in which multiple things are happening at once.

Little behind in my posting cause I’ve been handwriting things and just haven’t made it to a computer to type them up yet.

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