My cat’s taken to dining with my apartment’s ants.
I’m not sure when they became friends –
a 13 pound orange tabby and a hundred half inch insects-
but they’ve become rather close,
sharing meals and a home.

He invites them in while I’m away,
and they eat Frisky’s and watch
Animal Planet documentaries together.

They try to clean up before I get home,
but they sometimes forget to clear
the Netflix history or pick up
the beer bottles and crumbs.

I’ve  been trying to get him to
make new friends, but he says
no one else understands him,

so I stopped buying ant poison
and started buying sugar water and catnip
and set up a new “ants only” Netflix profile,
so maybe they’ll stop drinking all my alcohol
and ruining my to-watch list.


Day 9 of Na/GloPoWriMo


Prompt: write a poem in which something big and something small come together

5 thoughts on “I had to cancel the exterminators

  1. huge grin. like a Cheshire perhaps. very Alice and alive of you to invite them over for tea and Netflix


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