drinking beer alone, writing

poems you will never read, watering

the cactus on my windowsill, folding

clothes in the laundry mat, sweeping

the fake wooden floors, painting

my nails a deep burgundy, rereading

books you recommended, measuring

one serving of pasta, avoiding

your Facebook, listening

to love songs, calling

you and hanging



Day 4 of NaPoWriMo

Prompt: using nouns to describe an abstract feeling

6 thoughts on “i think of you when

  1. sigh. the pain in the cactus. the ache in the one serving of pasta. I can’t get enough of your poetry. sorry. for your pain that i’m sidling right up next to:) I’d drink one yeasty beer with ya to settle this thing over so-and-so. lol

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    1. I was really trying to play with images that evoked loneliness in this one. I’m thinking I may go back and tweak some of them to make them a tad more specific (like replacing clothes with a specific piece of clothing) or add more images. Not sure yet.

      Unfortunately, I got broken up with right before NaPoWriMo so it’s been on my mind and infecting my poetry.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my works. It makes it a lot easier to write every day when I know someone is reading my stuff. You’re the bomb dot com and your readership is greatly appreciated!


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