Bloody footprints followed me
across the basketball court
as I ran
back and forth
and you laughed
again and again.

I ran faster,
slipping on blood
and falling forward
again and again,
trying to grab hold of the ball
as the recording
of your laughter
played on the radio,
blasting from
my phone speakers
and the school’s loudspeakers
and my own throat.

My chin hit the asphalt,
splitting in two,
a crack running up my face,
around my head,
down my spine
and back up my body,

spitting me in two

the ball bounced
between the halves of my body,
staining itself red
and rolled off
the basketball court,
and into the grass,
becoming lost
as you yelled
for me to get the ball.


Day 2 NaPoWriMo

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