It was cold enough that my nipples could slice stale bread, which was ridiculous. Who in the world makes gas fireplaces that rely on a remote control?

Whoever built this house does apparently.

What’s wrong with a good old fashioned wood burning fire? Why did we have to get all technical and fancy? I mean really, does a fireplace need a remote?

I tugged the blankets tighter around myself, shivering. It had to be at least in the teens outside. Maybe lower. I was wearing tights under my jeans, a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, a sweater and a jacket over that, and I was still cold. That’s including the fuzzy socks, boots, and my orange and red hand-knit hat with ear flaps.

I shivered again. I had found a blanket in one of the cupboards that had been left behind by the previous owners of the house and wrapped that around myself, but it wasn’t helping much. It was an old afghan riddled with holes. The holes were probably the reason why the previous owners left it behind.

I guess pickers can’t be choosers as they always say. When you’re rummaging around abandoned houses, you’ve gotta go with what you can find. Unfortunately, a remote for the gas fireplace isn’t one of the things I can find apparently. I did find the instruction manual however. So, I’ve got that going for me. If I do find the remote, I’ll at least know how to use it.

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